Concert of the Mandolin Quartet Seasons
25 Nov, 7:00 p.m.
BIAD Hall (Asen Zaltarov Hall) - "G. S. Rakovski Str."108
Sofai 1000

with the eminent Bulgarian composer Tsenko Minkin
With the eminent Bulgarian composer Tsenko Minkin, author of "Heterometria Bulgara" which premiere was  performed at the concert.

Concert of Quartet Seasons and Alon Salriel, mandolin, Israel on 19th May 2014, Pazardjik,  Art Gallery "St. Dospevski", 7:00 p.m.

The Mandolin Quartet Seasons was invited by the British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation at the 2014 Rally in Bristol, UK. The quartet ran a workshop on 15th March 2014 and performed a concert on 16th March 2014.

Concert of the Quartet Seasons in Bristol, 16th March 2014, with the participation of Martin Cholakov, guitar. The quartet Seasons expresses special thanks to Martin for his high professionalism and responsibility during the participation of the group at the 2014 Rally of the BMG Federation.

In October 2-6 2013, the Mandolin Quartet Seasons took part in the 24th Festival Internacional de Musica de Pulso y Pua Ciudad de Cristal in La Coruna. The quartet performed 7 concerts in front of the Spanish audience in La Coruna and the Calician area and ran two workshops in the Musical Conservatory in La Coruna and in Colegio Salesianos San Juan Bosco.

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The Seasons mandolin quartet, the Bulgarian National TV, 29.09.2013



"Le PLECTRE Magazine de la Mandoline"  Article about the Mandolin Quartet Seasons, written by Sylvain Lewandovski (April, 25th, 2013).

The review of the latest CD of Seasons by Mathieu Sarthe Mouréou is coming soon.

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